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Business isn’t one size fits all. Every industry requires a custom solution. Learn more about how we’ve helped businesses in your industry by clicking below.

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Simply Works provides services including Web Design, Web Development, Branding & Marketing to airports of all sizes. So, put your trays in the upright position because we help airports soar with improved user-engagement and improved revenue.


A website that offers clear information and easy navigation is imperative to any public-facing agency. Work with us to design a federal, state, or local government website that prioritizes usability and the user experience.   

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simplyWorks mockup

Higher Education

The key to success is often higher education. But the key to engaging current (and future) students is often a successful website, meaning one that is, of course, easy to use, but also one that highlights and markets your school’s brand and culture.


From Web Design and Web Development to UX/UI, let Simply Works design a mobile-friendly website helps your customers easily find the information they’re looking for and provides them with a great user experience. 

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simplyWorks mockup


Local governments are deeply connected to their communities. Locals look to municipality leaders for guidance, as well as answers to important questions. Provide your community with a website that makes information available and your offices more accessible.  

Small Business

Getting your product or service in front of the right customers is the backbone of any small business. Whether you want to grow your customer base locally, online, or even both, it all starts with an online presence (incl. a user-friendly website) that connects with customers during their purchasing journey. 

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simplyWorks mockup

Law Firms

The successful marketing of your law firm relies on several factors, including targeted PPC and ad campaigns, ongoing SEO improvements, and a website that is designed user-first and easily navigable. Let our marketing expertise increase your list of clients, as well as revenue. 


For our creative team, a beautifully designed restaurant website acts as a virtual storefront, making a strong first impression and enticing visitors to explore further. It’s a crucial tool to attract and retain customers, driving traffic, and converting online visitors into actual diners, ultimately boosting the restaurant’s success.

simplyWorks mockup
simplyWorks mockup

Faith Ministries

In the space of faith, we know what it takes to create a well performing digital platform to reach and engage with a diverse audience, fostering connections and sharing meaningful content. By attracting traffic through strong SEO and impressive UI, your faith ministries website can effectively communicate the mission, values, and resources, ultimately nurturing a supportive community and expanding outreach.


Your non-profit website serves as a vital tool for raising awareness about the organization’s mission, programs, and impact, enabling outreach to a broader audience. We understand this and specialize in creating platforms for sharing stories, engaging donors, volunteers, and facilitating support, ultimately helping the you achieve your goals.

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We Look Forward To The Opportunity To

Work Together

We’re always excited to connect with new businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the capabilities, solutions, or project accelerators, we encourage you to contact us today to speak with a member from our team.

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