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Brand Design &

Custom Artwork

Discover and bring to life a visual identity that’s unique to your business and resonates with your audience.

Visuals That Are Worth 

10,000 Words

Take Tour Brand From Uninspiring To


It’s not a cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words. A single image can connect with more people than an entire book. The right visuals can evoke emotional responses from the viewer; It can make them laugh, feel hopeful, and even cry.

In business, just as in an art gallery, the right visuals can build that same meaningful connection between your business and your customers. From logos to custom color palettes and illustrations, a hero image on your home page are all opportunities to connect with customers on an emotional level.

Visual Brand Design Develop

Your Company's 

Visual Identity

Discover and bring to life a visual identity that’s unique to your business and resonates with your audience. The first step is for our team of artists and designers to simply put their heads and pencils together to generate your company’s visual identity.

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Logo Creation

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Brand Identity

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Color Palette

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How Your Brand 


In the end, you’ll receive custom Visual Identity Guidelines which will inform your company’s look and feel across all touchpoints moving forward. This brand identity and consistency builds upon itself to where customers know, by simply looking at a piece of collateral, that it comes from you.



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Based on factors including stakeholder interviews, and research into your industry and customers, your visual brand identity starts to take shape and come to life with iconography, color palettes, shapes, and more. Brainstorming is the best starting point. 



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Preliminary sketches and mock-ups are created to showcase and visualize how your brand would look and feel across different touchpoints. This will include more than one iteration of your visual brand, so that you can more easily compare and contrast.  



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You’ll be presented with the top design choices by the creative team. Here, you can let us know what you like, feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions. Together we can tweak, erase, and deliver the design that perfectly represents your company’s visual identity. 

Custom Artwork Communicate, 

Delight, And 


Custom artwork communicates your brand and story immediately. Whether it’s an ad, a campaign, or banner design, your message will jump to life with digital illustrations that communicate your brand and delight your audience. Don’t just tell them what you want them to know, show them.

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Partner With Us, Connect 

With Your 


A visual identity is important to your business. It helps create a connection between your brand and your customers, that sense of feel-good recognition, and positive brand association. When you need a team of cyber Picassos and digital Rembrandts, Simply Works is one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

We Look Forward To The Opportunity To

Work Together

We’re always excited to connect with new businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the capabilities, solutions, or project accelerators, we encourage you to contact us today to speak with a member from our team.

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