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Rickenbacker International Airport

Rickenbacker International Airport aimed to boost its online presence to attract more travelers and provide better access to airport services, flight information, and regional travel advice.

Case Study

The Challenge

In collaboration with Simply Works, Rickenbacker International Airport embarked on a dual approach focusing on local SEO to increase visibility in search engines and a comprehensive redesign of its website to address the needs of modern travelers.



Communication Channels

Integrating AI-powered chatbots and social media monitoring tools to provide immediate assistance and engage with passengers, improving customer service and feedback loops.


SEO Techniques

Implementing voice search optimization and local SEO strategies to cater to the increasing use of voice-activated searches and improve visibility in location-based queries.



Showcasing the airport’s commitment to sustainability through an interactive section on the website, including live data on energy savings and environmental initiatives.




These results underscore the airport’s successful digital and operational strategies, affirming its commitment to enhancing passenger experience and expanding its digital footprint.

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