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Press Release: Simply Works Agency Announces Strategic Partnership with Yelp and Integration of RocketAds

Denver, CO – Simply Works Agency, the esteemed digital marketing division of Simply iCard, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with Yelp, establishing itself as a Yelp Advertising Premium Partner. This collaboration is set to redefine digital marketing for local businesses by integrating Simply Works Agency’s innovative RocketAds platform with Yelp’s robust advertising services.

RocketAds, Simply Works Agency’s flagship advertising solution, is designed to amplify marketing efforts by leveraging detailed analytics, engaging ad copy, and dynamic social media campaigns. This platform is now enhanced with Yelp Advertising, offering businesses an unparalleled opportunity to boost their visibility and engage with their target audience more effectively than ever before.

“We are exhilarated to announce our partnership with Yelp and the integration of RocketAds, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in digital marketing. This collaboration not only enhances our ability to serve our clients with cutting-edge solutions but also marks a significant milestone in our journey towards redefining the digital advertising landscape. We are confident that this synergy will unlock unparalleled growth opportunities for local businesses, fostering a new era of digital marketing efficiency and effectiveness.” – Roland Icard, President and CEO, Simply iCard

Key Differentiators:

– Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services: RocketAds offers a complete suite of digital marketing services, including Google, social media, and now Yelp ad campaigns, designed to engage the best customers and drive significant revenue growth【13†source】.

– Customized Ad Campaigns: Tailored specifically to the needs of local businesses, RocketAds crafts customized ad campaigns that resonate with customers, ensuring high engagement and repeat business.

– Specialized Services for Diverse Industries: Demonstrating its versatility, RocketAds has specialized services tailored for various industries, including unique offerings like RocketAds for Churches, showcasing its ability to meet specific organizational needs and objectives.

– Affordable and Effective: With flexible service plans that include a significant return on investment and an increase in revenue, Simply Works Agency and Yelp ensure that businesses of all sizes can access top-tier digital marketing services without breaking the bank.

This partnership between Simply Works Agency and Yelp, enriched by the innovative capabilities of RocketAds, signifies a transformative shift in how businesses connect with their customers online. Local businesses are invited to leverage this partnership to elevate their marketing strategies, expand their reach, and ultimately, achieve unprecedented growth and success.

For further details on how to benefit from this partnership or to learn more about RocketAds, businesses are encouraged to contact Simply Works Agency directly.

About Simply Works Agency

Simply Works Agency is a forward-thinking digital marketing division of Simply iCard, dedicated to empowering businesses with creative and effective marketing solutions. Known for its commitment to innovation and excellence, Simply Works Agency helps businesses navigate the complexities of the digital world, ensuring they achieve their marketing and sales objectives.

About Yelp

Yelp connects people with great local businesses, providing a trusted platform for consumer reviews and insights. With a suite of business tools and services, Yelp facilitates meaningful interactions between businesses and consumers, driving local commerce.

Contact Information:

Simply Works Agency
April Potter, Client Success Manager

Businesses seeking to transform their digital marketing strategy are encouraged to reach out to Simply Works Agency to explore the benefits of this powerful partnership.

For further information on the enhanced partnership and RocketAds services, please visit .